Hi I’m Kristin! I have two beautiful daughters, a dashingly handsome husband and an adorable pooch named Jorgie Girl. I love to travel and often jet set between my two homes San Antonio, Texas & Maui, Hawaii.

Here’s a look at me behind the lens (=

 * Peonies are my favorite flower. * I’m attracted to things that sparkle. * I swear glitter runs through my veins! * Pink is my signature color. * I smell like D & G L’Impperatrice. * I’m a lip-gloss kind of girl especially Bare Necessity by MAC! * The ocean soothes me *  Sofia sparkling wine with a splash of Chambord is my drink of choice. * there’s always room for dessert! * I adore making women feel beyond beautiful, like their glorified selves the way God sees them & created them to be. Beautiful, Powerful, & Glowing from within. Heavenly…*