An outside shoot shot on location. It may be used for the main page of websites, catalogs, posters or any other kind of printing. It is essential to a location shoot that the client and Bella de Beau meet prior to the shoot to establish a concept, location, and various details that will make the shoot a success.

(includes Photographer, Assistant(s), equipment, location scouting, photo concept, and edits)

Hair/Make-Up – $200.00/flat rate (optional) or  $350 for half day (5hrs), $500 full day (8hrs)

Location permit fees may apply (depends on where you want to shoot)

Models and Hair/Make-Up Artists may be booked through Bella de Beau or you can provide your own.  

Certain locations may require a fee. If you would like to book a special location, please let us know and we can plan all the details and fees for you.

 Total Production(8 hours-limit 10 styles)





Being a boutique company ourselves, Bella de Beau knows that as a small independent company you are on a budget. If you are looking for a quick location/look book shoot, this may be just your ticket! For $300, we’ll do a special outfit photo shoot on location including Hair and Makeup. However, to expedite these types of requests, you will not be able to input any other preferences nor follow along on the shoot (such as location, etc.). All you need to do is drop off the outfit, and pick it up. You may only choose the model, and we’ll execute the rest! That’s it, easy as pie!

*Note: You will be provided with approximately 10 edited images of the outfit. From there, if you require high resolution images, we can also provide these to you!

Due to the nature of this photo shoot, we will allow for one re-shoot free of charge per client. However, if that also doesn’t suit your taste, we’ll no longer be able to provide such services for you. In which case, we highly recommend the Fashion Editorial Shoot option so you have more control over the photo shoot.





Perfect for product shots or Look Books, hire us by the hour at $100 /hr

This allows you to shoot as many styles by the hour.

Hair/Make-Up – $200.00/flat rate (optional)


**Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice and does not include sales tax.